Arcade games coming to MiSTer FPGA courtesy of Atrac17, Darren and Pramod

In a lengthy Patreon post which you can read here, MiSTer FPGA developer Atrac17 has outlined the arcade titles that are currently being worked on, or there is a possibility of MiSTer FPGA cores becoming a reality later this year.

Such titles include:

Smash TV
Jaleco Mega System 1 (P-47: The Phantom Fighter, Samurai-Fighter Shingen, Saint Dragon, Plus Alpha, Rod Land, and many more)
UP Dual Z80 (Atomic Robo-kid, Ninja Kid II, Rad Action and many more)
Mortal Kombat
Raiden II
Raiden DX

While taking the opportunity to thank developers involved in these projects we encourage our readers to contribute by becoming active subscribers in developers’ Patreons.