Soulless 2 for C64 is now available

Cult “modern” classic Soulless for the Commodore 64 has just got a much awaited seuqel, Soulless 2 – The Armour of Gods. This Psytronik/Icon64 commercial release is available on 5.25″ floppy disk (available in October) and digital format (available now) which you can enjoy on MiSTer FPGA or any other method of your choice.

MiSTer FPGA Updates (18/09/21)

Linux & Main: – Update to Kernel v5.14.5 which brings some important fixes. – exFAT: fixed memory mapped operations. – exFAT: symlink flag moved from reserved to “system file” flag. It means now any regular file on exFAT partition marked as system means a symlink. It’s done to preserve symlinks while copying SD card content … Read more