OneLoad 64 v4 pack released for Commodore 64

If you are a Commodore 64 fan you have to grab the latest update of the awesome OneLoad 64 game compilation. Download link in the YouTube video description.

For the first time, this collection includes multiload games that have been …

Terrestrial – a new game for Commodore 64

Terrestrial is a new commercial game by Icon64 and published by Psytronik Software which features several chapters, all having their own unique style of gameplay.

The game is available for purchase right now in digital format. It will also be …

Irem M72 arcade core updated

Irem M72 core for the MiSTer FPGA got updated with the following fixes:

– Hiscore saving is now supported (implemented by zakk4223, thanks zakk!)
– Fix for Image Fight stage completion percentage calculations
– MRAs added for Air Duel (World, …

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