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What is MiSTer?

Multiple Systems, a Single FPGA Platform.


Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Master System
Super Nintendo
Atari 2600
Sega Megadrive & Sega CD
PC Engine
TurboGrafx CD (soon)

Plus many more.


Commodore 64
Amstrad CPC6128
ZX Spectrum
Apple II+
Atari ST
Classic PC

Plus many more.


Bomb Jack
Final Fight
Ghosts ‘n Goblins

Plus many more.

Emulation vs FPGA

The most popular way of enjoying retro systems and games today is surely by using software based emulation. Small factor computers such as the Raspberry Pi has made retro gaming even more accessible and easier to enjoy in the living room.

Unfortunately, features such as input lag and fixed video frequency stop software emulation short from being the ultimate solution for those who want to enjoy retro on a modern platform accurately. On the other hand, when a system core is running on an FPGA chip, the hardware “becomes” the machine it is implementing – providing unprecedented accuracy and virtually no input lag.

A testimony of this is the fact that during the last few years FPGA based consoles have been released. Understandably, these systems are not cheap and buying a separate unit for each system you want to use may not be ideal. This is where the MiSTer FPGA comes into. Thanks to this project one can enjoy a multitude of systems on a single platform, supported by its community through open source.

What do I need?

Terasic DE-10 Nano
Base hardware for MiSTer FPGA. Provides the FPGA chip which is used to implement the various system cores, a number of interfaces for more add-ons, network port, HDMI for display and SD Card slot.

I/O Board
Connects to the DE-10 Nano to provide VGA out (15khz and 31khz compatible), user buttons and LEDs as well as mounting space for optional cooling fan.

Provides 128 megabytes of additional RAM,  compatible with all cores, especially NeoGeo. Connects to DE-10 Nano.

Oficial Case

Real Time Clock
A small module which for real time clock function. Requires CR1220 battery.

Provides connections for supported USB devices.

LL CoolJoy
Provides USB, Neo Geo, Megadrive connections and more.

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