Irem M92 alpha core released for MiSTer FPGA

Legendary MiSTer core developer, Martin Donlon aka Wickerwaka has just announced that they released an alpha version of Irem M92 arcade core for the MiSTer FPGA.

Games included in this platform are:

  • Blade Master / Cross Blades!
  • Dream Soccer 94
  • Gunforce
  • Gunforce 2 / Geostorm
  • Hook
  • In The Hunt / Kaitei Daisensou
  • Lethal Thunder / Thunder Blaster
  • Major Title 2 / The Irem Skins Game
  • Mystic Riders / Gun Hohki
  • Ninja Baseball Batman / Yakyuu Kakutou League-Man
  • Perfect Soldiers / Superior Soldiers
  • R-Type Leo
  • Undercover Cops

This core can be grabbed directly from the project’s GitHub page.

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