MiSTer FPGA Updates (18/09/21)

Linux & Main:

– Update to Kernel v5.14.5 which brings some important fixes.

– exFAT: fixed memory mapped operations.

– exFAT: symlink flag moved from reserved to “system file” flag. It means now any regular file on exFAT partition marked as system means a symlink. It’s done to preserve symlinks while copying SD card content on Windows. Before, any copy of symlinks on Windows would convert them to a normal files as windows always clears reserved flags. So, now make sure your normal files have no “system file” attribute. Actually it’s unlikely in normal conditions. Driver supports old symlink flag too, but all new links will be created as “system file”.

– Update rtl8761bu BT firmware. Add Edimax BT-8500 as known realtek device, so firmware will be loaded (instead internal one).

– Add Logitech D-Input devices.

– Slightly adjust CD DATA read speed to correct TurboGrafx16 (dshadoff).

– input: pace control for mouse messages (fixes mouse in ao486).

– Added xow (XBox wireless dongle) support. Don’t use scripts anymore. Just plug and use.

– Add bt_reset_before_pair INI option.

– Some other tweaks and fixes.

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