MiSTer FPGA core update round-up

Arcade: Tropical Angel
– Added DIPS function to MRA and core.
– Fixed Aspect Ratio to be the Display Aspect Ratio.
– Restore clocks to the ones used in MiST, should be more accurate. Added a video clock that divides down to a 6.144MHz pixel clock.
– Cleaned up options window.
– Fix sync stability of core upon launch
– Fix initial rom loading sequence
– Fix ocean color (it’s blue now!)
– Original core written by slingshot for MiST, based on Traverse USA code by darfpga
– Ported to MiSTer FPGA by birdybro

Arcade: Donkey Kong 3
– Updated Framework.
– Fixed timing issue that resulted in vsync_adjust=2 crashing the core.

New Arcade Core: Bosconian (Namco/Midway, 1981)
– Based on Dar’s Galaga MiSTer core, with help from MikeJ and WoS at FPGAArcade
– Bosconian video board and system implementation by Nolbin
– The two MRAs differ in level layouts and available DIP settings.

All these updates are available for your MiSTer FPGA via Update_all script.