Official and BlisSTer MiSTer Sega Master System core updated

An update has just been released for the Sega Master System core for the MiSTer FPGA and is available via the Update_All script. Check out the following update log for more details:

  • Add turbo option (trbocode)
  • Add quirk for Ys (Japan) to fix graphics bug (birdybro)
  • Fixes populous broken audio sample at startup (jotego)
  • Switch to SG-1000’s correct palette for .SG ROMs (birdybro)
  • Fix crosshair “none” option (birdybro)
  • Updated framework
  • LLAPI support

Meanwhile, BlisSTer team has forked the official Sega Master System core for MiSTer adding LLAPI support. Automatic LLAPI downloads can be added in Update_All script settings.

With our BlisSTer, SNAC and GamerPRO adapters you can use original retro controllers with your MiSTer FPGA.