PlayStation core for gets a massive update

FPGAzumSpass has released a brand new version of the PlayStation core for MiSTer FPGA – and it comes with a huge update log which you can see below. You can update to this latest core by running Update_all.

If you would like to use real PlayStation controllers with your MiSTer FPGA, you can upgrade to BlisSTer via the Ultimate BlisSTer Kit – don’t forget to grab the PlayStation controller adapter.

New features:
– 4 x analog multitap with rumble(by markun)
– 480i to 480p hack
– disable automatic reset when switching CDs while LID is open in OSD
– display button names for guns and NeGcon while doing button mapping

Games affected by fixes
– Star Wars – The Phantom Menace
– Parasite Eve 2
– Firemen 2
– Soccer 97
– Ogre Battle
– Destruction Derby 2 Demo in Registration Demo PAL
– Tobal
– Crisis Beat
– Jeopardy!
– Castrol Honda Superbike Racing
– Next Tetris

– Corrected mapping config string(by Zakk)
– MDEC: implement double buffer colorram so IDCT and COLOR stage can work in parallel without interfering
– MDEC: fix color decoding overflow
– MDEC: reduce decoding speed for 15bit mode
– DMA: DMA to RAM does not write if uppermost address bit is set(8..16mbyte area)
– GPU: latch interlaced drawing bit when drawing is idle so it doesn’t change while drawing a primitive
– GPU: rework Palette cache reset
– Video: set interlace field when turning on interlaced mode based on odd/even frame

Accuracy improvements
– DMA: implement configurable CD timing(memctrl)
– DMA: corrected block mode pausing
– DMA: corrected linked list mode starting pause, and timing between list entries
– JOYPAD: adjusted emulated pad response timing according to measurements
– CD: count up readSectorPointer so multiple sectors can be fetched before buffer overrun occurs
– CD: fix a bug where late ack from e.g. command could trigger sector read pointer update
– GPU: fix timing of GPUSTAT bits odd-even(31) and interlace field(13) around vsync
– GPU: GPUSTAT_DrawingOddline on/off moved slightly before line end in 240p mode -> fulfills test against hardware
– GPU: GPUSTAT_DrawingOddline on moved one line earlier in 480i mode -> fulfills test against hardware