MiSTer SNAC Adapters & Accessories

The TRUE zero lag experience using your original retro controllers and lightguns. SNAC is general purpose level shifter for use original retro joysticks, gamepads and lightguns with MiSTer and with lowest low latency possible. It bypasses all layers of the normal USB controllers use, so it’s very much like having a controller port of the original system. One benefit of this is that most weird peripherals should work with their cores (like Lightguns etc) which most normal usb converters either don’t or can’t do.

Only downside to bypassing the layers is the you can’t control the MiSTer OSD menu. The SNAC connects to the I/O User Port (formerly Serial I/O port) on MiSTer. It’s recommendable a small USB3 extension cable between them.

Compatible only with original and authentic HDMI Bliss-box cables. We do not give support to counterfeit/cheap knock-offs. Using unauthorized hardware voids your warranty due to the high probability of devices getting damaged.

Compatible with all MiSTer models, no need BlisSTer but requires I/O Analog v6.1 or Digital v1.2 board.

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