A608mini 8MB FAST RAM for Amiga 600

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The A608mini is a memory expansion for Amiga 600 computer.

A great choice for those who want to play classic WHDLoad games in comfortable and inexpensive way. This device expands RAM memory up to FAST 8MB. It also slightly speed up the Commodore Amiga 600.

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The installation method is common for many accelerator expansions. For proper working You should put A608mini on the top of MC68000 CPU and press it down. After that it will sat still on CPU and works stable.

By jumpers you can turn it OFF or set into PCMCIA friendly mode. In this mode you can switch between 8MB and 5.5MB fast memory. In some cases, you may need to modify the HDD frame to fit it with the A608 device.

A608mini is a Fast RAM expansion dedicated for Amiga computer, it has 8MB of Fast RAM allocated as:

  • 8MB is $00200000 – $009FFFFF
  • 4MB $00200000 – $005FFFFF (for use with PCMCIA)

Dimension of PCB is 50x35mm only. Download configuration file.

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