A6095 FAST RAM for Amiga 600

69,90 (excl. VAT)

The A6095 memory upgrade expands your Amiga 600 by 9.5 MB FastRam.

Ideal for using WHDLoad.

Specification: Fast RAM 8MB, Slow RAM 1.5MB

The A6095 has jumpers to operate the extension in 3 modes:

  • on/off – turn extension on and off
  • RTS CFG – Change extension to PCMCIA mode 5.5 or 9.5 MB. If you press and hold the keyboard soft reset (Left A+ Right A+ Ctrl) for 3 seconds, the extension will toggle between 5.5/9.5MB modes.
  • Slow Only – You set up the extension with only 1.5MB of slow memory.

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