A630 rev.2 Turbo Card Amiga 600

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  • CPU MC68030, clocked on 50MHz.
  • Fast RAM: 64MB SDRAM
  • Space: Zorro III
  • Speed: 10.50 Mips
  • Cooling: Active or Passive.

The card request install MMuLibs. ROM mapping is automatic via installation of MMUlib z Aminet:

Some demos or games may require disable “CPU CACHE” for better compatibility with the MC68000.

Base version of A630 card don’t have CPU active fan.

Installation process described on bottom

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Installation Process

First to do is separate X1 generator form bottom side of 030 CPU pins, to do this please use this little pieces of insulator and stick on X1 generator. Not all previous sold card has this sticker in box, if you don’t have pls separate your oscillator form A630 030 bottom pins using other insulator.

Sticker to put on X1 element

Must be look like on photo bellow.

Next step is put A630 plcc reverse socket on top MC68000, and press down on the center of the PLCC68 reverse socket with your thumb. Card socket mounted properly in your Amiga should have adhere well to the motherboard. A630 card can’t touch any other IC devices in your Amiga. If you have RGB2HDMI installed please make sure that it does not cause a short circuit with the card.

Card properly installed in your Amiga 600

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