Amiga EFi – External floppy interface

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Connect any floppy PC disk drive and use it with your Amiga computer.

Interface for connecting an external floppy drive (or FDD emulator) to the DISK DRIVE connector. First, the adapter must be connected to the interface with a simple tape (without any twists). You can connect the original, indoor DD (Double Density) drive from Amiga or HD (High Density) station from PC (converted or not). Regardless of the type of connected drive, it will be seen by the Amiga as a DD drive (880 kB). If we connect the HD drive to the PC and use HD floppy disks with a second hole, this hole should be sealed in them (otherwise, read / write errors will occur). The advantage is that the PC drive can be used without changing its number from DS1 to DS0. The interface is powered with + 5V from the DISK DRIVE connector (pin 12) and consumes a current of approx. 10 mA.

NOTE: Default all EFi interfaces are set up to working with not converted PC floppy drives. If you need to use EFi interface with Gotek/HXC drive you must change form default set up only READY signal on J1 jumper from 1-2 to 2-3. (Check next instructions).


JUMPER Function description
J1 Responsible for the READY signal. If connecting a not converted floppy drive from a PC,
the jumper should be  set to position 1-2 (READY signal will be generated based on
SELx and INDEX signals). Setting the jumper in position 2-3 will cause that the READY
signal will be read directly from pin 34 floppy disk drives (Amiga or from the PC).
J2 Responsible for the DISK CHANGE signal. If you connect an unconverted station from
a PC, then the jumper should be setin position 1-2 (the DISK CHANGE signal will be
read directly from pin 34 of the station). Jumper settingin position 2-3, the DISK CHANGE
signal will be read directly from pin 2 of the floppy disk drive (Amiga or converted from PC).
J3 Responsible for the SELx activation signal, which must reach the station. Most floppy
disk drives have a jumper to select the station number (DS0 or DS1). Depending on the
station number set, the SELx signal must begiven to the appropriate station pin.
If the station is set to DS1 (unconverted stations from PC and stations withoutjumper
to select the number), then J3 jumper must be set in position 1-2 (SELx signal will go to
pin 12 stations).If the station is set to DS0 (Amiga or converted from PC), the J3 jumper
must be set in position 2-3 (SELx signal will go to pin 10 of the station).
J4 Used to select the floppy disk number under which it will be visible in the Boot Menu
and in the systemoperational AmigaDOS / Workbench.This number depends on the jumper position DFx Select: 
1= DF1, 
2= DF2, 
3= DF3.Only in the case of the Amiga CDTV it is different DFx: 
1 = DF0, 
2 = DF1, 
3 = DF2.

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