Amiga HID USB-DB9 Mouse Adapter

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Commodore Amiga Mouse Adapter USB-DB9 compact in size and design. It works with any mice with USB HID protocol user adjustable in 10 DPI levels. DPI sensitivity is programmed with the mouse.

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DPI programming in the adapter.

1. Press the third mouse button (usually a circle) for 5 seconds.
2. When the mouse enters the DPI programming mode, the cursor on the screen will move slightly to the side, it means that we can test the DPI setting that suits us best.
3. Use the Left / Right mouse buttons to decrease / increase the DPI sensitivity.
4. When choosing the appropriate DPI, we move the mouse to choose the sensitivity we are interested in.
5. After selecting the DPI, confirm the setting by holding the third mouse button (circle roll) for 1 second until the cursor moves slightly on the monitor screen.

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