SDRAM BGA 128MB for MultiSystem

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New and exclusive SDRAM 128MB BGA for MiSTer MultiSystem.
Compatible with all MiSTer cores including NEOGEO, CPS2 and SEGA SATURN (FMV and in-game music).

Passing at 140-150MHz, and both 48MHz & 96MHz. All PCB are produced with impedance control and military quality control.

Build with new memory BGA ICs, making a highly-effective use of pcb space, the tracks are much shorter and with trace tune length. There’s less distance between the memories and the GPIO / FPGA, very stable and fully compatible with all cores.

All modules are previously tested with Jotego 48 / 96 MHz and official memtest before shipping.

Part of the profit sales will revert to RMC museum.

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