A1200 Ex1T 11MB Fast RAM RTC/MapROM/GUI

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A1200 Ex1T it’s a simple memory expansion for Amiga 1200 computer. It’s a great choice for those Amigans who want to play classic WHDLoad games in comfortable and inexpensive way.

This device adds up to 11MB FAST RAM. It also slightly speeds Amiga up, thanks to faster memory access.

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The installation method for A1200 Ex1T memory expansion is the same as with any other accelerator/expansion board for A1200. It uses edge connector located underneath A1200.

The design of device allows to switch it into PCMCIA-friendly mode using jumper. In this mode Amiga uses only 5,5MB of FAST RAM and allows non-interfering use of PCMCIA devices (like network cards, card readers, hard disk controllers, etc).

This device supports MapROM function (images up 1MB), but be aware as they may occure some problems with customs ROMs different than original C=.

It is also possible to use RTC function after equip this device with proper RTC chip (RTC 72421 – DIP18 version) and battery – CR1220 (not included).

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