GP2040 Arcade Board

19,90 (excl. VAT)


  • Selectable input modes (PC / MiSTer XInput, PS3 DirectInput and Nintendo Switch).
  • Overclocked polling rate to 1000 Hz (1 ms) in all modes, with less than 1 ms of input latency.
  • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes – Neutral, Up Priority (a.k.a. Hitbox), Second Input Priority.
  • Left and Right stick emulation via D-pad inputs.
  • Saves options to internal memory.
  • Support for 128×64 monochrome I2C displays.
  • Built-in configuration app.
  • Fast cable connectors.
  • USB Type-C connection.
  • Compact size (40% less than Brook boards).
  • Latest GP2040-CE | Community Edition Firmware


Input latency and Performance is tested using the methodology outlined at WydD’s website, using the default 1000 Hz (1 ms) polling rate in the firmware.

Version Mode Poll Rate Min Max Avg Stdev % on time %1f skip %2f skip
v0.3.1 All 1 ms 0.56 ms 1.32 ms 0.85 ms 0.24 ms 95.95% 4.05% 0%

Full results can be found in the GP2040-CE Firmware Latency Test Results Google Sheet.