MiSTer HDMI to SCART Lightgun Ready Cable

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New Direct Video cable based on AG6200 DAC chip that allows you to connect your Digital / HDMI MiSTer FPGA to a classic 15khz CRT monitors for a complete retro experience. Made with Italian brand PREMIUM high quality shielded cable and optimized to work with the MiSTer FPGA.

470 ohm resistor installed on the corresponding SCART sync pin to attenuate this signal to levels that are safe for all video equipment.

This cable is specific for MiSTer, we do not recommend using it on other systems (if you do, do it at your own risk).

If you need a cable with a different connection, contact us first. To avoid any issue we recommend that you back up first your mister.ini file and put a new one with a new configuration.


    • Connector A: HDMI
    • Connector B: EuroSCART
    • Cable Length: 1,6mt

For analog RGB output, you need to change the settings in MiSTer.ini config:

  • composite_sync = 1
  • forced_scandoubler = 0
  • vga_scaler=0
  • direct_video=1

Scandoubler config setting in menu (F12) OFF in all cores

– Compatibility with GunCon 2

The official distributions of MiSTer’s linux kernel (zImage_dtb) and main executable (MiSTer) now include special handling for CRT lightguns and driver support for the GunCon 2, so no custom files are needed you just need the latest official distributions and the right hardware. PRESS F10 to CALIBRATE GUNCON 2.

– Video Compatibility

Direct Video is compatible with most current cores and will be supported in all future cores coming to MiSTer. RGBs, RGsB and YPbPr are supported, although YPbPr has less display compatibility in Direct Video mode compared to YPbPr from the IO Board. Note that output resolution and format can vary from core to core.

– How to Use

Based on the chip AG620x, proven to work fine on most MiSTer Cores. We DO NOT recommend to hotplug them or pull them out from your MiSTer while it is still ON, since you might damage your HDMI port in the process.

– Then you need to add the following line to your mister.ini file:


This activates the Direct Video feature when the system starts. Once it’s enabled, it allows your HDMI port to output the raw and unprocessed digital audio/video signal from the loaded core, which is consumed by your DAC. MiSTer will not work with your HD TV or monitor while this mode is enabled, since they require a standard HDMI signal to work, and the zero-lag Direct Video signal IS NOT standard HDMI.

The resulting analog video signal from your DAC should be compatible with standard CRTs if the core loaded supports standard CRT refresh frequencies (see analog video compatibility for more details). But there is still a bit of additional configuration you need to do depending on which kind of analog video signal you want to use.


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