MiSTer SNAC mini

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Supported cores:

  • NES / Famicom (HDMI NES / Famicom cable)
  • SNES (HDMI SNES cable)
  • SEGA 32x (HDMI DB9)
  • SEGA SATURN (HDMI SATURN – core not yet released)*
  • TurboGrafx-16 (HDMI NEC TG large)
  • PC Engine (HDMI NEC PCE mini)
  • Atari 5200/7800 (HDMI DB9)

* Very early Sega Saturn SNAC testing is underway. Basic controllers only, no 3D controllers, Multitap or accessories yet. Buy at your own risk.


1) Load a supported MiSTer core;

2) Plug Controller >- HDMI Adapter > SNAC mini > USB 3 cable (optional) > I/O USB3 (User port);

3) Menu F12, Navigate to the option for controls (name varies per core: “Serial”, “SNAC”, “User Port” etc.) select SNAC mode;

4) Some cores require certain accessories to be used in specific ports. You may need to “Swap joysticks” option in the core’s menu.

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SNAC is general purpose level shifter for use with MiSTer. It can be used to power 5v devices and it will safely convert any logic between the 3v3 (MiSTer) and 5v device. It will be used mostly for 5v controllers and other peripherals. This is the mini HDMI version that just works with official HDMI cables.

The SNAC connects to the I/O User Port (formerly Serial I/O port) on MiSTer. It’s recommendable a small USB3 extension cable between them.

SNAC bypasses all layers of the normal USB controllers use, so it’s very much like having a controller port of the original system. One benefit of this is that most weird peripherals should work with their cores (like Lightguns etc) which most normal usb converters either don’t or can’t do. One downside to bypassing the layers is the you can’t controle the MiSTer OSD menu.

Analog I/O board 6.1 and Digital 1.2 required. Both have a jumper near USER port that needs to be set to I/O6.

Work based on “Blue212” SNAC.