MT32-pi lite DIY KIT

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Includes: 3 PCB with necessary resistors and connector installed, rubber back protection, thermal tape and soldering pins (between board and Pi). Not included the PiZero2w. Soldering required.

Treat your ears with this high quality but inexpensive MIDI sound add-on for your MiSTer. The MT32-pi is a hardware / software emulator produced by _d0pefish_, replicating the sound of the legendary Roland MT32 running on a bare-metal kernel hosted by a PiZero2w, with bonus Fluidsynth support.

This is a simplified version of MT32-pi board that uses a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. New version doesn’t feature any buttons or displays and it is very compact. It sits firmly on the side of the official case. It also doesn’t use cable and it has more stable connection.

New MT32-Pi lite includes single-sided aluminum 1.6mm PCB used as heatsinkrubber protection on the back to avoid scratches on official case, 3mm Thermal-right brand used as thermal Pad on the Quad-core 64-bit Cortex SOC for better heat dissipation and OC performance.

Compatible with following MiSTer Cores: ao486, Amiga / Minimig, X68000 and Atari ST. For support and new software updates

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  • A work-in-progress bare-metal MIDI synthesizer developed by d0pefish for the Raspberry Pi, based on Munt, FluidSynth and Circle.
  • Turn your Raspberry Pi into a dedicated emulation of the famous multi-timbre sound module used by countless classic MS-DOS, PC-98 and Sharp X68000 games!
  • Add your favorite SoundFonts to expand your synthesizer with General MIDI, Roland GS, or even Yamaha XG support for endless MIDI possibilities.
  • Includes General MIDI and Roland GS support out of the box thanks to GeneralUser GS by S. Christian Collins.
  • No operating system, no complex Linux audio configuration; just super-low latency audio.
  • Easy to configure and ready to play from cold-boot in a matter of seconds.
  • The perfect companion for your MiSTer FPGA setup.