MiSTer MultiSystem Addons

0,00 (excl. VAT)

Accessories for installing the MMS kit and print the 3D case* yourself.

  • Spacers to install the DE10nano, to screws and nuts for the 3D box inside and outside.)
  • The MultiSystem-ready fan is recommended when using a reference design case.
  • RTC v1.4 (real-time clock) is also available if you want to push your MMS to the max.
  • The best power supplies on the market also available


* The Multisystem Datasheet can be found here. Also available as open source downloadable files are the 3D print schematic files for the bespoke Multisystem case. These are available at printables.com. We know you’re going to ask, official Multisystem case will available soon and look amazing.