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Connect your MiSTer FPGA to a classic 15khz CRT monitors for a complete retro experience. Made with high quality shielded cable and optimized to work with the MiSTer FPGA.


  • For analog RGB output, you need to change the settings in the mister.ini file.
  • VGA pin 13 connects to SCART pin 20 (with attenuation of 470 ohm)
  • VGA pin 14 connects to SCART pin 16 directly (1,6v or less, no attenuation required)
  • Our cable does not use VGA PIN 9.

This SCART cable is specific for MiSTer, we do not recommend using it on other systems (if you do, do it at your own risk).

If you need a cable with a different connection, contact us first.

To avoid any issue we recommend that you back up first your mister.ini file and put a new one with a new configuration.


  • Connector A: 15 Pin D-sub
  • Connector B: EuroSCART
  • Connector C: 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Cable Length: 1,6mt

MiSTer.ini config:

  • composite_sync = 1
  • forced_scandoubler = 0
  • vga_scaler=0

Scandoubler config setting in menu (F12) OFF in all cores

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