SNAC-PCE (Turbo Pad 6)

39,90 (excl. VAT)

Include original Bliss-cables:

  • HDMI to PC-Engine
  • HDMI to TurboGrafx-16

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Ultimate SNAC-PCE add-on provides a zero input lag for PCE CORE, accurate gameplay, support for original PCE and TurboGrafx-16 controllers (Turbo support) or Controller Avenue Pad 6.

Requires a MiSTer Analog I/O board v6.1 or Digital I/O board v1.2.
This is a stand-alone device and should not be used with any other type of SNAC adapter level shifter board. The recommended connection setup is using a short male to female USB 3.0 extension cable between the SNAC-PCE and the USER I/O board.

Work based on “Blue212” SNAC.