ArcadeR Joystick DB9 WHITE

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ArcadeR Joystick compatible with original hardware like Amstrad, Amiga, Commodore, Atari, ZX Spectrum, ZX Next, ZX N-GO, also same cores in MiSTer (require Daemonbite adaptor or BlisSTer with DB9 cable.

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The original BLACK comes by default, you can optionally add other ball of a different colour.


1.25 m long pure copper cable with 9 pin ATARI standard joystick connector and 9 wires. Easy interchangeable with 9pin mini connector on joystick side. Joystick mechanics by Sanwa standard with long lasting micro switches.

  • Replaceable mechanics with micro switches and different color ball on the top is available like spare parts!
  • Easy Replaceable “fire” switches with wire assembly and connectors on the end. Available like spare parts!
  • Mold injected ABS plastic case with UV protection
  • Automatic fire switch and Fire1/Fire2 option switch
  • Great vacuum sucker pads for stability (available like spare parts)
  • Different colors available.


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