Ultimate BlisSTer rev. 3 Hub and Case

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Want to use your ORIGINAL game console controllers on the MiSTer? Introducing the new Ultimate BlisSTer Hub.

The new Kit includes:

  • BlisSter Hub rev.3
  • USB Bridge
  • Official MiSTer case (Black mate, Glossy white, Black & White)
  • Standoffs, Power-Loop cable and I/O Serial USB3.0 cable

The BlisSter rev.3 from the makers of Bliss-Box, it’s a new USB Hub with 2 low-latency controller input ports.

NOTE: Low-latency cables are sold separately.

BlisSTer rev.3 features:

  • 5 x USB 2.0 ports
    • Standard USB connection and polling rates
  • 2 x Low-Latency ports (HDMI form factor for use with Bliss-Box adapter cables)
    • Use original controllers with adapter cables.
    • Maps as USB device when not in LLAPI mode
    • Switches to LLAPI when setting is activated in core
    • Required for Low-Latency API (LLAPI) mode
  • Power switch for entire MiSTer device
  • Upgrade/Reset button (Resets Low-Latency ports only)
  • Micro-USB 3 port for LLAPI mode

Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

Update Script:


Compatible only with original and authentic Bliss-box cables. We do not give support to counterfeit/cheap knock-offs. Using unauthorized hardware voids your warranty due to the high probability of devices such as the BlisSTer and Gamer-PRO getting damaged.

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