Ultimate BlisSTer Kit

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Introducing new BlisSTer Kit. Features Analog I/O, 24bit Direct Video, new BlisSTer case, BlisSTer hub and lots of low latency cables and add-ons. Built for users that want to build a new MiSTer or upgrade old MiSTer models. You can expect maximum functionality on Sony PSX, Atari Jaguar and Sega Saturn core. This new Kit will offer the best combination of low latency performance and compatibility for the upcoming new MiSTer cores. To build this kit you need the DE10-nano from TerasIC.

Default Kit Includes:

– Official I/O Analog Board v6.1 (Optional Noctua or Stock fan)
– Memory XS-D 128MB SDRAM
– BlisSTer Hub 2.1 with Hub Bridge
– Complete Stormtrooper Gold Edition (Official MiSTer Case)
ADC for Audio In / Tape Input on-board

For every setup sold, a part is donated to MiSTer FPGA software development.

Equipment needs to assembled, no soldering required. DE10nano its not included in this kit. For a full setup check Ultimate MiSTer BlisSTer Edition.

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Compatible only with original and authentic Bliss-box cables. We do not give support to counterfeit/cheap knock-offs. Using unauthorized hardware voids your warranty due to the high probability of devices such as the BlisSTer and Gamer-PRO getting damaged.

Basic Setup Quick Start Guides

How to prepare your MiSTer SDCard / MiSTer Fusion: