Ultimate Deamon x3 Player (SNES / SFC)

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The Ultimate Deamon PRO USB Dual Player Encoder for NINTENDO SNES.

This small form-factor USB adapter makes it possible to use NINTENDO SNES controllers on your PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), Raspberry Pi or MiSTer.

The adapter has a native 1ms/1000Hz polling rate so input lag is minimal (the average is 0.75ms with a wired controller). Fully assembled in a Aluminium enclosure and includes Mini USB cable to connect this adapter to your favorite setup.

The input lag for the controller is minimal. Here is the result from a test with a 1ms polling rate on a MiSTer:

Samples Average Max Min Std Dev
13962 0.74ms 1.28ms 0.23ms 0.29ms


Work based on MickGyver’s Deamonbite firmware

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