Ultimate MiSTer PRO Digital DUAL RAM

449,90 (excl. VAT)

– Official I/O Digital Edition 1.2 with Silent Fan
– Built-In On / Off Power Switch
– Mini-TOSLINK & Digital TOSLINK Connector
– 3.5mm for Audio In (Tape / Cassete Input)
– Official Memory XS-D 128MB SDRAM (NEOGEO, System 16 and CPS compatible), 48Mhz and 96Mhz tested
Free GPIO Slot for expansions (Extra RAM)
– Official MiSTer Official Hub 2.1 with VBUS Control
– MiSTer Hub Bridge
– Wakefield-Vette Heatsink
– Official Stormtrooper Gold Edition Case
– TerasIC DE10-nano (Cyclone® V SoC)
– Original 2A PSU* (US plug, may need adapter depending of country)
SD Card Starter Pack (With latest firmware and all cores installed)

HDMI and DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT ONLY – This unit don’t include VGA Port. For analog 240p output must be used a Direct Video Cable.

* You can opt for the Improved 4A PSU (Upgrade) if you need more power for use HDD and other peripherials simultaneous.

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  • Equipment is fully assembled and tested. Ready to plug and play!*
  • For every setup sold, a part is donated to MiSTer FPGA software development.

* Doesn’t include any ROMs or Copyrighted Software.

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Stock fan, Noctua fan with MiSTer mod