Ultimate SNAC-PSX

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The Ultimate SNAC-PSX with step-up boost on-board for true DualShock rumble experience provides a dual player direct interface with the PSX core to use native accessories such as controllers with rumble, light-guns, NeGcon & Jogcon etc.


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This is a stand-alone device and should not be used with any other type of SNAC adapter level shifter board. The recommended connection setup is using a short male to female USB 3.0 extension cable between the SNAC-PSX and the USER I/O board.

Ultimate SNAC-PSX add-on provides two ports with zero input lag, accurate gameplay, true rumble experience (with step-up boost) / Dual Shock Vibration, support for PSX original controllers and a composite port (RCA female jack) for light guns.

The SNAC-PSX works with light guns however a CRT screen is required when using original light guns, such as the Sony PlayStation GunCon (G-Con 45) or Sony PlayStation Hyper Blaster.

Requires a MiSTer Analog I/0 board v6.1 or Digital 10 board v1.2.
For GunCon2 it’s necessary a dedicated SCART cable or extension.

Work based on “Blue212” SNAC.

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