Ultimate VGA to SCART

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The new powerful Ultimate VGA to SCART cable adapter with built-in programmable PIC controller that allows automatic CRT TV power on,  switching to AV / RGB channel without the need of a remote control and includes a switch to force Aspect Ratio (4:3 / 16:9) and audio jack.


  • Classic MiSTer, JAMMIX and MultiSystem FPGA
  • PC CRT Emudriver, Arcade VGA, VGA666
  • Raspberry Pi


  • Connector A: 15 Pin D-sub (video input)
  • Connector B: EuroSCART (video output)
  • Connector C: Male 3.5mm stereo jack (audio input)
  • Connector D: USB Type A (power cable)
  • Cable Length: 1,6mt (default)
  • Color: Black

Not compatible with multi game cards with 31Khz video image output.

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This adapter is based in a PIC16F18313 microcontroller and it has the following features:

  • It automatically detects the polarity of the input VGA sync signals and configures the configurable logic cells (CLC) of the PIC dynamically to generate the SCART composite sync signal correctly;
  • If the frequency of the VGA horizontal sync signal is wrong or if the VGA vertical sync signal does not change then the PIC disables the SCART composite sync signal, the SCART RGB selection signal and the SCART status signal;
  • Built using ABS enclosure;
  • Side switch to force ASPECT RATIO (4:3 / 16:9);
  • Indicative LEDs to test the power and input sync signals;
  • Power source (USB Type A port);
  • Default length: 1.6 mt.

Based on the SCART Vader and visenri work.

Power source:

The PIC requires a power source of 5V and needs to be powered by an external power source through the USB Type A connector. On Ultimate MiSTer PRO you can use one of the PWR only USB ports.

MiSTer FPGA configuration (MiSTer.ini):

For analog 15 khz RGB output on MiSTer FPGA, you need to change the settings in the mister.ini file. To avoid any issue we recommend that you back up first your configuration file and put a new one with a new configuration.

  • forced_scandoubler = 0
  • composite_sync = 0
  • vga_scaler = 0
  • direct_video = 0 *

* this option must be = 1 (enabled) just if you use HDMI to VGA DAC dongles with direct video

Note: Scandoubler config setting in OSD menu (F12) OFF in all cores.

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