xT accelerator for Amiga 600 28MHz 11MB

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The xT accelerator is one of the smallest turbo cards for the Amiga 600 computer. It provides a Motorola 680SEC000 CPU clocked at 28MHz, 8MB of Fast RAM, 1,5MB of Slow RAM, and 1MB for MapROM. It is the perfect complement to our Amiga 600 1MB Chip Memory Expansion.

CPU MC68SEC000AA20/28MHz
RAM 11MB = 8MB FAST + 1.5 SLOW + 1.5 MB
SPEED 3.0 Mips / Dhrystones 2880
Features Maprom, Shadowrom, configuration with CLI, 4MB compatibility mode with PCMCIA,
Built -in hardware driveswap DF0/DF1 (bootselector).

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