ZX Spectrum NEXT Computer N-GO MARBLE

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Introducing the new ZX Spectrum NEXT N-GO, 100% compatible, same form factor. It is a perfect clone of the Issue 2B version, that also solves the problem of power and reset via HDMI and adds protection ESD. It also includes dual SPI flash selectable through a switch, the main flash houses the ZX Spectrum Next system and the secondary flash the ZXDOS system (with ZXUNO core).

This board is fully implemented with FPGA technology, ensuring it can be upgraded and enhanced while remaining truly compatible with the original hardware by using special memory chips and clever design. Here’s what under the hood of the new board:

  • Processor: Z80 normal and turbo modes
  • Memory: 2048Kb RAM
  • Video: Hardware sprites, 256 colours mode and more.
  • Video Output: RGB, VGA, HDMI
  • dual SPI flash (ZX NEXT and ZXDOS System / ZXUno core)
  • Storage: SD Card slot, with DivMMC-compatible protocol
  • Audio: Turbo Sound Next (3x AY-3-8912 audio chips with stereo output)
  • Joystick: DB9 compatible with Cursor, Kempston and Interface 2 protocols (selectable)
  • PS/2 port: Mouse with Kempston mode emulation and an external keyboard
  • Special: Multiface functionality for memory access, savegames, cheats etc.
  • Tape support: Mic and Ear ports for tape loading and saving
  • Expansion: Original external bus expansion port and accelerator expansion port
  • Accelerator expansion slot GPU / 1Ghz CPU / 512Mb RAM – RPI ZERO connection.
  • Real Time Clock (battery coin INCLUDED)
  • Network Wi-Fi module and Internal speaker (optional)

Include in the bundle:

  • ZX NEXT / N-GO Computer with Case
  • Universal ZX PSU USA / EURO
  • RTC with Battery Coin
  • Wi-Fi module for N-GO / ZX NEXT
  • 16GB Starter Pack SDCard

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