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What is it?

The ZX-Uno is a retro computer clone based on FPGA. It has a similar appearance and format to a Raspberry PI, so it will take up very little space on your desktop.

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It is a hardware and software project opened under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license created by the ZX-Uno team: Superfo, AVillena, McLeod, Quest, Hark0.

What makes it special?

The main machine is ZX Spectrum that is perfectly cloned. In the other computers and consoles of 8 bits, the cloning is quite trustworthy: Amstrad CPC, Sam Coupe, Jupiter ACE, Apple II, MSX1, VIC 20, Sega Master System, NES, Coleco, Atari2600, Atari 800XL, C64, PC XT among others.

Mouse and Keyboard

The device has USB connectors for mouse and keyboard to facilitate its integration in a Raspberry PI case. These must be used with keyboards with the PS/2 standard implemented, or failing that, use the corresponding adapter as can be seen in one of the pictures. This can be purchased in stores like eBay or AliExpress for a very low price.

VGA monitor output

Originally, the VGA output has been implemented in an RJ45 connector, which is typical for a network.

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